I will not be happy until gaming spaces reflect the beautiful diversity of our nation. - @TheHealerDM

Connor Self

But just "Connor" is fine.

Tabletop Gaming Creative

Mental Health Expert

Charity Leader


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I will help you tell YOUR story.

As a weaver of TTRPG stories, I have run more than 5000 game sessions over a period longer than 30 years! I am a top 10 professional storyteller through Start Playing Games, a professional DM service. Spots at my table are greatly sought after (and often sold out).

If you choose me, expect positivity, knowledge, and mental health safety at our table - real or virtual. I put every effort into creating your personalized gaming experience, listening to your desires and delivering a tailored game for you. You can choose the type of story to experience...
Choose a published or custom adventure.Choose a one-shot or recurring game.All games are premium experiences with art, sound, and voice acting.I offer children-only or family events.Special events & birthday parties available.
I offer a number of digital perks for players. These include use of Roll20 with dynamic lighting, quality teleconferencing by Zoom, sound effects by Syrinscape, and access to a full D&D library through D&D Beyond.

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Here are links to several written projects to which Connor has contributed creative, consultative, and professional effort.

New and Hot Releases

These products are fresh from my mind to your table. Get them now!

Stories with Heart (D&D; Various Tiers)

These one-shot adventures and supplements deal with poignant and emotional themes, designed to leave players leaving the experience with new perspectives. From stories dealing with dementia, acceptance, antiracism, or accepting responsibility, these "hope punk" stories are game changing and life affirming.

Wizards of the Coast Publications (D&D; Various Tiers)

These tales and supplements were written directly under the supervision of Hasbro. DDAL-DRW-16 Uprising is soon to come to this page!

Adventure Series I: At Jeny's Request (D&D; Tier 2)

An infamous hag asks your help protecting the Feywild from a watery threat, a threat which will envelop the Material Plane next! An adventure series set near Phlan and in the Feywild. The finale takes you face-to-face with Tiamat herself! 26 hours of content!

Adventure Series II: The Children of Sin (D&D; Tier 1)

The human sextuplets of a demon lord gain the unwanted attention of cultists, embroiling the heroes in a twisted conspiracy. In the end, the heroes must determine who actually needs saving. An adventure series set near Hillsfar. 6 hours of content!

Adventure Series III: D8 Summit One-Shots (D&D; Tier 3)

These adventures written for D8 Summit highlight great authors in stories meant for a single sitdown session.

Adventure Series IV: D8 Summit Goes to Hell (D&D; Tiers 1-3)

These three one-shots by talented authors take players on a tour of three layers of Hell - including soul food diners, devilish masquerades, and nefarious forts. Set across three tiers of play (Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3). 12 hours of content!

Adventure Series V: From the Midnight Sun (D&D; Tier 1)

This adventure series contains 16+ hours of story featuring fey intrigue and shenanigans, set in the Frozen North. This story is intended to be ran in a way similar to a hardcover. Heroes will go from level 1-5 playing through this campaign.

Guest Appearances

My gaming, mental health, and fundraising expertise have made me popular for both interviews and liveplays. Images have links to the media (when available).

About Me

A counseling and telemental health professional, I believe games have the power to help us grow, connect, and heal. I live that philosophy by creating collaborative storytelling experiences centered upon table top roleplaying games (TTRPGs).

I develop public play spaces for TTRPG conventions and expand safe spaces for minority gamers and creatives. I feel we have come a long way welcoming gamers of all stripes, but we still have farther to go.

In addition to being a Top 10 Professional DM on Start Playing Games, I boast extensive experience in the TTRPG industry. I possess more than 25 cited credits including:
WritingPlaytestingEditingProject managementArt creation and directionOrganizing events/play spacesExpert interviewsStreaming performancesFundraising
Many of these experiences include Dungeons & Dragons, as well as their related properties. I bring a wealth of experience in other games too. I hope to have publications out for other TTRPGs soon.

I can help your event build an effective fundraising program, putting the power of D8 Summit Charities - an established 501c3 charity - behind your event.

I provide a CV of experiences upon request by potential employers, contractors, or promoters.

Contact Me

I enjoy hearing from fans and fellow creatives. I welcome anybody reaching out to me via email.

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